Ovsyannikova Zinaida Ivanovna

Name: Ovsyannikova Zinaida Ivanovna
City: Mstislavl (Belarus)
Author: Oleg Gusev

95 years old, lived a hard life, a participant of the Second World War, a difficult post-war period and living in an uncomfortable communal house. Very sociable. For 2 years, when we go to her, she told a lot about her life, many stories that had a very negative impact on her life. But during the entire period when she was visited, the Lord worked on her heart and the Word of God made her heart soft. At the beginning of October, we were vigilant with the Gospel about the salvation of the soul. After the conversation, they asked Zinaida Ivanovna, where was her heart and where she would be in eternity? She replied that she wanted to be with the Lord. She turned in prayer to the Lord and committed her life to her Savior. Glory to Jesus Christ for His Calvary sacrifice!
A week ago, Zinaida Ivanovna was admitted to the hospital with coronavirus and we are praying for her.
We see that this is a wonderful time serving widows. Sometimes it’s hard and not easy. But we see the result in the transformed life of every widow and widower.
Thank you for your wide and loving heart who helps widows in this ministry! God bless you!

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