Belousova Nadezhda Adamovna

Name: Belousova Nadezhda Adamovna
City: Mstislavl (Belarus)
Author: Oleg Gusev

68 years old. She lived a very hard life. She is a disabled person of the second group. All the time she worked as a janitor in the communal services. Her team consisted mainly of people addicted to alcohol, from dysfunctional families, people who had an early conviction. Nadezhda herself had problems with alcohol. She drank her house on drink. For old age, the state gave a room with a kitchen in an uncomfortable communal house with stove heating.
Has health problems: diabetes mellitus, asthma, severe pain in the legs. At first she categorically did not want to listen to the Gospel, but through our love for her, she accepted Christ as her Savior. Reads the Gospel. I used to say all the time that she wanted to die, but now she enjoys life with Christ.
Her granddaughter came to live with her child. Has a child with mental retardation. Previously, we helped to heat the stove and bring firewood into the house, but now her granddaughter helps Nedezhda in this. Volunteers helped to repair the stove so that there was no fire. Nadezhda’s pension is small and this food package and our attention gave hope in her life. I am very grateful for this service to widows!
Volunteers Ivan and Galina Lepeshi.

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