Polishchuk Maria Grigorievna

Name: Polishchuk Maria Grigorievna
City: Mogilev (Belarus)
Author: Oleg Gusev

Maria lives in Mogilev. She became a widow in 2007. She has a serious knee disease – gonarthrosis. The youngest daughter died suddenly five years ago. Nothing foreshadowed a tragedy – a blood clot came off. Maria took custody of the eldest grandson. She had a small dilapidated house and a small pension. So, she took out a bank loan and, with God’s help, added a room for her grandson. When we began to meet with her, the Lord touched her so much that on the second visit she repented and accepted the Lord as her Savior! He healed her soul and heart. Maria refused the operation because her knees felt better. Recently, Maria Grigorievna hit her chest hard, lay in bed, but did not lose heart. She is grateful to God and all caring people for their participation in her life. He glorifies Him and tells people that it is He who helps her live! Respectfully yours, volunteer Tatiana.

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