Ivanova Maria Ivanovna

Name: Maria Ivanova
City: Khutor, Belarus
Author: Oleg Gusev

Hello, my name is Arthur, I am a volunteer from Bykhov. I want to tell you the story of Mary. At the beginning of summer, the youth and I decided to make an evangelistic bike trip. We went to villages, divided into teams, went from house to house and told people about God. So in one of the villages called Khutor we met Maria. Having learned her fate and the fact that she is a widow, we wanted to help her somehow. We exchanged contacts and invited her to the Sunday service. On Sunday morning, she called us and reminded us of herself, said that she wanted to go to the service. Since the village is located 10 km from the city, we come for it by car. She told us that the day before we met her for the first time, she asked God to die or change something in her life, and the next day we with young people arrived in their village. This was the answer for her and she decided to become a Christian. Soon she repented and attends every service. And since she became a Christian, she came to the realization that she needed to give up her sinful deeds, one of which was making moonshine. This was her bread. Her pension is very small, since one day she did a business in the village and received a huge fine, which is calculated from her pension. Making this moonshine, she exchanged it for firewood, milk and more. So she survived. Having become a Christian, she had to leave it, we told her that God would not leave her and would take care of her so that she would not be afraid to take this difficult step for her. She left it and God really took care of her.
When we once again came to her, she said that her pension had been increased and she was no longer charged a fine.
We tried to help her, since she lives in the village and has no electricity in her house, no light, no refrigerator, and even no gas. Through ministry to the widows, we helped buy her a gas cylinder and bought firewood for the winter. The issue of connecting electricity is now being resolved. We also try to involve the local church in helping.
Maria has health problems. She has narrowed blood vessels, doctors say that she can die at any moment. But despite all this, on October 2, Mary asked to be baptized. God does amazing things. He always has everything on time. Thank you for this ministry through which God changes the destinies of people.

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