Project #22: Galyna’s House

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Galyna Sytnyk is 72 years old and lives in the city of Borodyanka. She has lived in her apartment for 45 years. Her daughter is pregnant and currently living in Khmelnytskyi region. Galyna struggles with high blood pressure and a sore back.

They were in the apartment on the 4th floor when the city began to be bombed. Their building caught fire while they were inside. They both fled to the basement but lived between the basement and the apartment for a week. When an artillery shell hit their yard their neighbour offered to take them with his family to Radomyshl in the Khmelnytskyi region. They stayed with a man who was serving in the territorial defense force, he helped them a lot.

After Borodyanka was released from the Russians Halyna returned home and saw her apartment in a terrible state. There was no water because the taps were cracked. The heating was not working and the temperature outside was +10 degrees. The balcony was damaged. The doors to the balcony and the windows were all lying on the ground. Galyna really wants to just be at home. She finds in very difficult to travel and alway feels poorly in a car.

When Galyna was saying goodbye to her daughter she thought she would never see her again. She prayed, “Lord, according to Your will, save me and my children, save Ukraine. This is my prayer for all people”

“My greatest need now is spiritual food. I get up early and pray, it’s getting easier. It’s very difficult and scary with shooting everywhere. My friend’s daughter and son-in-law died, it’s hard and we sympathize with her. I take the Bible in my hands and sing songs. I sing and come alive. I read Psalms 90, 27 and 17. The Lord is my protection and my defense.

I wish all the people who donate money and help me now theough MIR ministries would serve God and that the Lord would direct them to more people like me. Because material things are not the main thing.”

Project details: Replace windows.

Materials and Labor: $650

Raised: $ 650

Project Goal: $650

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