Zabrodska Valentina

Name: Zabrodska Valentina
City: Chernyakhiv (Ukraine)
Author: Oleg Gusev

She was born on November 10, 1936, in the village of Novopil, Chernyakhiv district, Zhytomyr region.

She got married, had no children from her first marriage. In the village, people elected Valentina as a deputy to the village council. Worked as a milkmaid. She had a talent in veterinary medicine. She gave birth to cows and horses. Even in difficult years for her, people asked her to give birth. She never denied people that. Then her husband died. She was elected a deputy to the District Council in Chernyakhiv. She remarried. She said about her second husband that he was very good. She has been living alone for 5 years in a row. When volunteers come to her, Valentina is always happy for them. At the moment she has suffered two strokes. He still has knee pain. Valentina is always grateful that we guide her and bring a grocery package. It helps her a lot to survive in difficult times for her.

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