Vera Motorina

Name: Vera Motorina
City: Mogilev (Belrus)
Author: Oleg Gusev

We greet you. We are volunteers, Ivan Lepesha and my wife Galina, we thank the Lord and you for this ministry. We want to tell you about the widow Vera Motorina, who was born on July 26, 1937 in the city of Mstislavl. 11 years ago, Vera Grigoryevna’s husband died. They have one daughter, already grown up (born in 1964), who now lives together and looks after her mother. Our daughter does not work, we live together on the pension of our widow Vera. They live in a private, old, uncomfortable house. About a year ago, Vera fell and broke her leg in the foot area, our local doctors incorrectly set the fracture, and she spent half a year in a cast. This time was accompanied by pain and it was a difficult period. Then we decided to take a picture, but there was no progress and we were sent to Mogilev to the regional hospital. There, they broke the incorrectly fused leg on a new one and again put a plaster cast on it, and this has been going on for more than two months, and tomorrow (August 24) we will again go to the hospital with her to see how the leg has grown together. Vera had many tears and we tried to somehow help, found a wheelchair for her, and much more. Vera is very grateful for the help you give her, she always prays for this ministry. And I want to thank you for your concern for these helpless people. God bless you. Sincerely, Ivan and Galina.

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