Widow’s Story


“Seek justice, encourage the oppressed. Defend the cause of the fatherless, plead the case of the widow.”

Isaiah 1:17

We are actively serving +500 widows with visitation and food care packages in +25 villages, in Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia. Our interdenominational volunteer team of +30 are all Slavic believers, including our leadership staff.

We honor the widow by telling their difficult story. As our volunteer teams visit and deliver monthly care packages to those most in need, we’re often overwhelmed by difficulties facing the widow in Slavic culture. Alone, at times abandoned, longing for a friend. We’re also greatly inspired by their resilience, and strength of character.

Thank you World Challenge, and all who pray for the widow and our volunteer teams in Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia. You can learn more about our mission to Slavic culture by clicking here.


Uglenitsa Anastasia

I am a Volunteer, Elena Turkevich, I thank God very much for serving the widows together. I thank everyone who is working in this ministry. A lot of work is…

Bovykin Vladimir

“I am 72 years old soon. I live alone, after a stroke. I want to express my gratitude to all kind people for the help you are giving me. I…

Tetyana Voloshyna

Tetyana is 77 years old. She was coming to our soup kitchen ministry for help with products. She lost her husband 17 years ago. She had a son, but he…

Nadiya Krynychna

Nadya lived next door to another widow we had been visiting for a while. Each time we saw her, we realized that she needed our help. She was very reserved…

Lyubov Mikhailovskaya

Lyuba (which means love) needs help very badly. The house is very small, stove heating needs to be done, the stove is very bad. The house is old, and in…

Matrona Buryanskaya

Matrona has two daughters, but they do not live nearby and can’t provide her with help. Her only son is now in prison. She has survived a stroke. Matrona receives…

Vera Eremeevna

Vera was the first Christian woman in the Ukrainian City of  Skadovsk. In 1973 they arrived and began to gather in this house. The pastor was a Baptist. There were…

Ksenia Kirnyak

Ksenia is 80 years old. She got married when she was already about 35 and the couple lived for some time in Reni. She was unhappily married and suffered a…

Vira Petrovna

Vera is 58 years old and has three children. She was born in a small village in the Vinnytsia region. All her life she worked as a foreman on a…

Tamara Andreevna

Tamara is 75 yrs old. Our team started visiting her in October of 2020. She became a widow in 1999. She suffers from diabetes mellitus, a fracture of the femoral…