Ukraine Emergency Relief

Mir Ministries is actively, on-the-ground in Ukraine and Romania serving in a variety of humanitarian and refugee care projects.

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Humanitarian Aid: Ukraine

Our staff is onsite in Ukraine and Romania, working directly with trustworthy partners providing food, medicine, and evacuation assistance.

Refugee Care

We are serving the Ukrainians displaced from war with transportation, housing, food, medical assistance and employment initiatives.

With your support, we are able to alleviate suffering and bring hope to displaced women and children.

Operational Support

Several of our staff have been displaced from the war and are now working with refugees in Romania. Lighthouse and our Widow’s Ministry continues to operate in Ukraine.

Thank you for helping our teams with increased housing, transportation and logistical support during this crisis.

For a detailed list of refugee, and humanitarian aid activities Mir Ministries is engaged in, click here.