Widows Ministry

Caring for those in need


In partnership with World Challenge we visit, feed and pray regularly with those most in need in the Russian speaking world.? Currently we work in Rzyschiv, Ukraine (1hr south of Kiev), however we will begin working in Minsk, Belarus in the fall of 2017.

The economies in Ukraine and Belarus are experiencing great instability and crisis.? Caught in the middle of this are ‘pensioners’ who collect from the government on average $60 per month.

This amount is to cover not only their food, but their medical and housing needs.? For those living without family, it’s literally not enough to survive.

[Three generations, the Grandma and Mom both widowed]

Our on-the-ground ministry teams meet for prayer and connect one to one with local widows.? We carefully build meaningful relationships through love, spending time in their homes, and bringing them food packages that help them survive the month.? On average, we serve 40-50 widows per month, with hopes of increasing this as God provides.

The average cost per food package is $40.

90% of the funds received for Widows goes directly to the products we purchase.? The other 10% goes towards transportation for our team to some remote areas, food purchase trips, and administrative support.

Additionally we host events, share the Gospel, provide large lettered Bibles, and much more.

Please pray for our team, for strength, patience and the love of God to flow through this ministry. ?It is a tremendous privilege to be Christ’s hands and feet, literally nourishing hungry souls with physical and spiritual life.

Thank you for praying and considering a financial gift.? Not only does your gift reach out and physical/spiritually bless someone, it provides a wonderful opportunity for discipleship for the emerging and existing body of Christ whom also are willing, but economically unable to meet these type of needs by themselves.

Take a look at our recent Widows gathering in the video below!