Lighthouse Cafe



Coffee on Mission

Lighthouse Cafe is a creative platform using coffee and creative arts to pioneer Christian community in the Russian speaking world.

As coffee culture continues to emerge in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, we see tremendous opportunity for developing the next generation of leaders for Jesus Christ.

We train indigenous staff to work as baristas, managers, cooks and administrators.? We use foreign missionaries, artists, short-term teams, to spark interest and provide interesting opportunities within the community to see, hear and feel the love of Jesus.

We encourage new, spirit-led ministries that seek to spread the love of Jesus to the community around the Cafe.? Ministries such as Widow’s Feeding Program, English Clubs, Creative Courses, Skate-park Ministries,and much more!

The Lighthouse Cafe seeks to unite the evangelical and orthodox communities of faith by working together whenever possible.

We are thankful for church partners, sponsors, and Christian owned business that invest with us to impact culture and the emerging generation in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

For more information, please feel free to contact us!

Club180 Youth

Club180 is a weekly student outreach towards college students.? It’s appeal is broad, attracting mostly un-churched students who are hungry for community and have an openness to the Gospel.? With your support we can raise up and send our students to YFM!

Lighthouse Studio

Through Lighthouse Cafe, an entry-level studio has been developed.? This is used for local affordable recording services but also training and additional evangelistic opportunities among youth.? All funds raised by supporters like you!

Lighthouse Park
Lighthouse Cafe, through the generosity of supporters like you, has been able to develop a children’s and youth skatepark!? This is a wonderful place for families and kids during the spring, summer and fall in Ukraine.? Help us build more parks!