Bruce & Deborah Crowe, along with their 8 children have been living outside of Kyiv, Ukraine since 2008. As the directors of Mir Ministries, they are responsible for leading our teams and projects in Eastern Europe.

Mir was founded in the early 90’s by Dave & Jan Brunk as a vehicle for innovative and culturally engaging Christian mission efforts across the former Soviet Union.

Bruce & Deb share the same passion for cultural change and spend their time identifying and mentoring emerging Slavic leaders to explore new mental models that promote the equity, and dignity of all human life. Some of their most meaningful projects that continue today, are Lighthouse Cafe & Mentoring Platform, Widows Care, and most recently, Home Front, a ministry of mental and spiritual health resources for the wives of soldier’s actively serving in the Ukrainian – Russian conflict.

Bruce holds a Master of Arts in Global Leadership, and is currently working on his doctorate in the same field with a focus on holistic learning practices in collective societies. Deborah, is a certified Spiritual Director and enjoys making space for monastic listening practices and designing prayer retreats for thirsty souls.